Shree Secondary School in Phutung educates 900 children by 50 local teachers. One class contains up to forty children. Books are provided to students if the yearly fee is paid of $180.

Current Project:

The school can not provide clean water for the students. They attend school from ten in the morning until four in the afternoon. If they can not bring water and get thirsty they have to endure or go home early.

To provide dringking water the school needs 80’000 Nepalese Rupees to buy the bricks, water purifier components and pay the salary of the workers. Get in touch for more detailed information in the Contact section. If you want to support us directly use the following Bank Account:

Name of Account Holder: Possible Nepal

Bank Address: Gangabu, Kathmandu

Name of Bank: Mega Bank Nepal Limited

Account Number: 070001 0002556 NPR

Swift Code: MBNLNPKA